New Oil Cloth for my Iaito

It was a long time coming. The old cloth I use to oil my iaito is so old that no one would ever think that it was once white. It’s in a pretty sorry state.

sword oil cloth replacement

While I was at Nosyudo the other day, I did it. I finally picked up a new flannel oil cloth (刀拭布).

I could have gotten a smaller, pre-cut one for 100yen, but as we can see, I can go a long time using an ancient cloth so I got the big one.

It’s about 36cm x 35cm and cost 630yen. Now I can cut several from it in the future. I like the size of the old cloth, so I used it as a template, but you can cut it to whatever size you like.

It looks so refreshing

Now I have a lovely, white cloth with fresh oil waiting for me when I open the case to clean my iaito and no excuses to keep me from replacing it when it starts looking gross again.

How long do you use your cloth? I certainly hope y’all aren’t as bad as me.

Also, for those of you who live outside of Japan, you need to e-mail Nosyudo to place overseas orders.


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