Ramen Review: The Most Desarted Ramen-Bar in the World

The Most Desarted Ramen-Bar in the World Captain Gold Ramen

Welcome to my ramen review! This time I’m reviewing The Most Desarted Ramen-Bar in the World’s Captain Gold ramen.

About The Most Desarted Ramen-Bar in the World

Nihon Ichi Hima na Ramenya, or The Most Desarted Ramen Bar in the World, is not deserted at all. There was a long but fast moving line of people to get in.

It’s a member of the UNCHI chain of ramen restaurants. They all have very quirky names and designs.

Captain Gold Ramen

I ordered the Captain Gold Ramen. They offer six different soy sauce ramen options that all use different kinds of soy sauce, so there’s an option for everyone.

The ramen is served in almost ridiculously large bowls that make it look like the ramen is deserted.

You can check out their homepage (JP).


The Most Desarted Ramen-Bar in the World is located in Nakanoshima Dai Building in Nakanoshima, Osaka.


Mind that this score is based entirely on my pallet alone and doesn’t reflect on the overall quality of the restaurant itself.


The broth is a very light soy sauce base with light seasoning that makes it really easy to eat. It’s great for a lunch before walking around checking the rest of Nakanoshima without feeling like you have oil sloshing around in your stomach.


The noodles are a little thicker than most ramen. They were regular hardness and easy to eat.


The chashu was soft and pretty great. Nothing life altering, but extremely satisfying.


The Captain Gold ramen comes with an ajitama. The flavoring was well absorbed into the white and the yolk was extremely creamy. It was excellent.

Overall Balance

The gentle, seasoned flavor mixes well with the thick noodles and flavor ajitama to make it an extremely pleasant dining experience. I’d definitely come again if I’m in the area.


The menu is simple and only includes basic ramen toppings. The lines were extremely long for a reason though. They hit the basics square on the head.

Restaurant Amenities

They serve their tea with a large pitcher to refill your own cup with and have their chop sticks, napkins, and spoons available on the table. They also provide disposable aprons to protect your clothes.

Overall Captain Gold Ramen Score

Strictly averaging the scores, it should be a 4, but since the only drawback is the customizability, a very minor factor, I gave it a 4.5. I would love to visit again.

I highly suggest checking out The Most Desarted Ramen-Bar in the World.

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